WordPress Widgets

Wordpress Widgets

The world of WordPress widgets…

There is huge range of WordPress widgets available. Using widgets to customise your WordPress installations allows for an incredible range of features like social media integration or Google Maps implementation.

With so many available widgets to choose from, it can be a bit of a minefield. Some widgets simply do not work well and can cause a lot of problems with your WordPress site. Other widgets do exactly what you require of them. We have a lot of experience with WordPress widgets. We know what works well, and we know what doesn’t. We know which additional features can be achieved as a result of utilising specific widgets.

WordPress widgets creates additional features that you are looking for – perhaps an integrated Twitter feed or Facebook pages, an image gallery, or the addition of advertising to a site – simply list your requirements and we will take care of the implementation. Simply get in touch. We can normally make the appropriate changes within 1 working week!

Perhaps you are simply looking to improve your WordPress website or blog. If you’re trying to engage more fully with your readers, want to integrate social media fully, but don’t know yet what would be best, we can advise on what would work and then we can implement the appropriate features for you. We also have marketing-specific customisation services available that cover SEO of your WordPress site and Social Media integration with WordPress widgets.

Whatever you are looking to achieve, we can help you. Simply contact us and we will work together to create the WordPress website or blog that best suits your requirements.

Custom WordPress Widget Development

Even with such a huge range of widgets available already, experience has taught us that sometimes the “right” widget just doesn’t exist.

If you are looking for a custom WordPress widget for your WordPress site, please contact us, detailing what features you are looking for. Our development team will review your requirements and we will send you a quote based on the projected development time.