The world of WordPress widgets… There is huge range of widgets available for WordPress. Using widgets to customise your WordPress installations allows for an incredible range of features like social media integration. With so many available widgets to choose from, it can be a bit of a minefield. Some widgets simply do not work well and can cause a lot […]

Your design… Our inspiration WordPress is a highly customisable web platform. It is both easy to use and very flexible to develop. We can create a custom WordPress theme for you or we can modify one which you have found online. Do you already know what you want your website or blog to look like? Send us an image and […]

Making your WordPress installation a lot better! Increasing core functionality and enhancing the user experience, plugins can greatly improve a WordPress site. There are thousands of plugins available – we know which ones work best to improve WordPress functionality. Plugins can do everything from improving the SEO of a WordPress site to adding a more advanced comment system. As WordPress […]

Treat yourself… WordPress is relatively easy to set up – you could be blogging away or writing your website’s copy in no time at all. But we know not everybody has the knowledge to create and administrate a web database, and many people do not have access to a server to install WordPress on. WordPress Developers can create a working […]

Online 24/7 As with any website, hosting is one of the most important things. Having a quick, responsive, and above all reliable server is of enormous importance. It keeps your site live 24/7. WordPress Developers can host your website on our professionally managed, dedicated servers. Our technical team constantly monitor the load on our servers to ensure the optimum performance […]

Everyone is unique… We have a multi-award winning team of designers on hand to help you create your ideal WordPress website or blog. Whether this is your first website or blog, or you are looking for an updated redesign of an existing site, we can help you. Get in touch with your requirements and we will create a design that […]

Design – Upgrades – Maintenance – Marketing We provide comprehensive design, development, and marketing services. Whether you’re looking for a basic business blog, a content-managed website, or SEO; we will help you. If you have an existing blog, perhaps hosted on or with Blogger, and are looking to take the next step towards a custom-domain and professionally hosted blog, […]